Monday, September 7, 2009

Cleaning and Prep and Painting of Block

I have disassembled the motor as far as i plan to go. I rotated the block so that the intake and exhaust ports were not exposed to my cleaning. I used Gunk and a stiff brush and removed most of the old dirt and oil from ONE side of the block. I broke up the cleaning and painting into sections so that I would not get crap into the ports. After the Gunk, I wiped the block down and then used Oxysolve to remove the rust from the cleaned side.

You can see the Donor '95 in the background

After the Oxy had done its work, I again wiped the excess off and then broke out the mineral spirits to clean the oxy off the block. Finally, with the block clean, I sprayed that one side with black engine paint.

I have powder coated the accessory brackets and alternator housing, along with the timing chain cover. When I pulled the timing cover off, I noticed a bunch of slack in the chain so I found an extra double roller chain and installed it along with a new seal. I also put in a new water pump since everyone knows Fords water pumps are a weak link. After sitting for a few years, the extra $50 for a new pump is cheap insurance.

I obtained a billet steel SFI harmonic balancer. Slipped right on, no problem.

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