Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

Oh how quickly plans can change. It has been a while since my last post due to many things. Some of the goings-on follows:
-There was an SFI scattershield on the Tremec. The clutch release fork was a 'push' style for use with the original '65 clutch pedal linkage. I did not notice this until after I drilled the firewall for the hydraulic clutch kit which is designed to replace the 'pull' style cable on the 1995 Mustang. So, no problem right? Swap out the scattershield for the 1995 bell housing. The Tremec has a different mounting pattern than the T-5, so it won't bolt up to the 5.0 housing. SVO sells a bellhousing to work with this setup but it is another $200. So, since I have a perfectly good T-5, I will install that in place of the Tremec. When the T-5 explodes, I will drop the $200 on a new bellhousing and install the Tremec.
-Integrating the donor harness into the existing harness has been an exercise in.......thought. Much of the new harness is not needed and it is easy to just start cutting it up. I decided to plan carefully my cuts and splices so as to avoid problems later and at the same time, reduce the clutter of the donor harness. If we start at the computer and come out toward the radiator, most of this portion of the harness will be retained. I plan to use the Constant Control Relay Module. This controls the fan, fuel pump, EEC, and A/C. As we continue counterclockwise, the harness comes to the Underhood Fuse Box. I am going to use this. It feeds the harness and with the circuits I won't be using (such as the ABS) I can use this 'extra' capacity for other things. On my harness, the Low Speed Fan Control relay does not seem to be used. The main power feed out of it dies at a connector before it reaches the fans. So I will attach the High Speed relay to the fan so that it will be controlled by the computer. The Starter relay is a no brainer as is the Fuel pump relay. I don't have ABS on the '65 so I plan to use that circuit to feed the Vintage Air system so it won't draw power from the old harness. I spliced in a relay into the headlight feed so the headlight switch will last as long as possible. They tend to burn out switching the high amp draw of the head lights. So, the old headlight feed is now on the switch leg of the relay and I have run power from the headlamp circuit on the new harness.

I removed the old gas tank and plan to install a new tank with an intank pump. The pic below shows the hole where the tank was and the new fuel filter which is installed on the bent down lip of the trunk floor.

From this pic, it appears I have placed the filter too close to the exhaust pipe, but there is plenty of room there. I will use AN fittings and braided line to feed fuel up to the fuel rail. I installed the Inertia Fuel Pump Shutoff switch in the trunk next to the amplifier along the forward wall of the trunk.

Here is the engine with most of the acessories in place. The stock A/C compressor's hose output hits the shock tower hard. I am currently looking for a compressor that has the outputs on the top and still has the serpentine pulley. I don't want to cut the shock tower.

There is still much to cover in this saga of old and new. Stay tuned!

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