Sunday, September 21, 2014

Convertible Weather Approaches

Time to get serious with the required mods/fixes to get the 65 back on the road. The TCP rack & pinion has been leaking for a few years, so I yanked it out and sent it back for a complete rebuild. Turns out the servo needed to be replaced also so all the important parts have been upgraded/replaced. Murphy still bit me on the ass though. The rack was damaged in transit from TCP to me but I was out of town for almost two weeks so I did not let UPS know in time about the damage. It appears the rack was dropped off the back of the truck and both of the hard lines were bent at the point they enter the servo side of the rack.

I am going to replace these with some braided lines for two reasons:
  • They are bent now
  • They did rub the oil pan

I have to make up two lines to attach the rack to my new pump anyway so two more lines is no biggie. I've ordered a KRC pump that is a better match to the TCP rack than the stock 1995 pump was in terms of flow rate.

I have also yanked my huge SSBC Extreme brakes from the car. I have installed a smaller setup from Wilwood.

Now I hope my fender rubbing will cease since I do not have to space the wheels off to clear the calipers.

I am waiting on some more parts to show up, so work will continue shortly. I can't wait to get her back on the road now that Fall has finally seen fit to show up!

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