Thursday, December 18, 2014

Back On The Road

The new steering pump and rebuilt rack are working well. Surprisingly, the new pump and new rack servo add up to more power assist. I think the steering is a little light for my taste, but compared to a non-assisted setup, I'll take it any day.

The new Wilwood brakes work as expected. I still have a slight rub on the fenders when turning sharp while going over a bump. Next step is to roll the fenders but that is low on the list.

Over Christmas, I plan to take a few days off work and install the new top.

The next large purchase will be a set of new 30lb injectors and fuel rail along with a calibrated MAF sensor. The engine is still using the original injectors from 1995. I think I have a sticky injector because randomly I will smell raw gas as I drive down the road but I have not been able to find any leak in the fuel supply lines. If it was the tank vent, I think I'd smell gas every time I turn the car and slosh the fuel around. I am upgrading from the stock 19lb injectors because I want to replace my stock 5.0 long block with a Ford Racing long block (347?) and so I'll need the extra head room on the injectors. It will take a while to save up for that though.

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