Saturday, October 10, 2009

Step Forward and Two Steps Back!

As all of you Hot Rodders know, if something can go wrong, it will. I received the new A/C compressor and tried to install it on the drivers side in its stock position (on a 1995). It still hits the shock tower long before it gets into position. So Plan B is in effect. I will use the Sanden compressor where the smog pump was mounted on the passenger side of the car. This will entail the fabrication of some pieces of flat steel to enable the compressor to use the mounts for the smog pump. I have cut off the lowest mount and plan to use the two upper mounts and tie the lower part of the compressor to the block itself. There is an unused boss right behind the smog position.

I was able to finish the installation of the new fuel tank and AN braided lines. I should not have any fuel problems due to rust or age since all of the parts leading up to and from the fuel rail are new.

The ceramic coated Sanderson headers are in and there is barely enough space. The exhaust system is going to be reworked. Not only does the tail pipes physically contact the gas tank, but with the x-pipe configuration, I have no ground clearance. So, once I get it running, I plan to take it in for a new 2.5 inch exhaust from the headers to the mufflers and have the tail pipes bent so as to not touch the tank.

I tried to bleed the hydraulic clutch and had no luck at all. I can't get the master to send anything down the line to the slave. I plan to pull it off and bench bleed the whole thing and then reinstall.

The Tremec is in and ready to go. Starter installed. New alternator installed. Steering column reinstalled.

All in all, progress is being made, just too damn slowly!!

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