Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting Close To Initial Startup

The A/C compressor is mounted where the smog pump was and the flat pieces of steel worked great as mounts. I used the mounting points of the smog pump and ran the 5 inch pieces downward to the mounts on the compressor. The pulley appears to be in plane with the other accessories.

The clutch bleeding problem was an easy fix due to a suggestion from a friend. He said that I don't have enough free play on the link between the pedal and the master cylinder. So I loosened the two bolts holding the cylinder to the firewall and placed a pair of 1/4inch shims between them. This gave me about an 1/8inch of play and the fluid flowed easily to the slave cylinder. Now the clutch appears to work properly and I really like the short travel of the clutch pedal.

The power steering pressure hose problem has been solved as well. I have a Total Control Products power rack and the hose that came with that did not match the 1995 Mustang pump. I had an idea to take the pressure hose off of the donor 1995 Stang and see if it would fit on the Total Control rack. The factory hard line end screwed right into the pressure port on the rack! I then cut the end off of the return line and slid it onto the post on the back of the pump and put a hose clamp on it. So, power steering is taken care of.

This was a productive weekend with the A/C, clutch, and power steering all taken care of. If all goes well, I should have a new accessory belt (about 92.5 inches) and oil and filter and gas so I can start it up by Wed. Then I get to start chasing the wiring gremlins. I think I have the harness all set but you know there are always wiring problems.

I found some cast aluminum valve covers that are from an Explorer I think. I plan to powdercoat them and replace the stock steel ones.

Stay tuned, more to come.....

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