Thursday, December 31, 2009

On The Road Again....

The alternator problem was partly mine and partly Tuff Stuff. I plugged in the new alternator to the existing plug and got no juice coming out. After some investigation, two of the three wires leading into the alternator need current. One needs a direct 12v source and the other needs 12v but with a 220ohm resistor inline. I noticed in the wiring diagram that there is a 510ohm resistor run in parallel with the amp dash light. The wire from this resistor and light runs to the alternator plug and the resistance of the light is 510ohms as well. So according to ohms law, the alternator was 'seeing' a resistance of 255 ohms on that wire. So after a trip to Radio Shack, I was armed with a 220ohm resistor and I installed it in that wire and the alternator began sending 14v to the battery. I also found out that I should have received a plug and harness with the alternator which had the resistor in it, but it was not in the box. I knew the wiring would be the biggest hurdle in this process and it has been just that.

The exhaust was handled by the local Midas and they did a good job routing the pipes where I wanted them. One blemish on them was they did not install any doughnuts between the header and collector so I have an exhaust leak. I'll fix that soon enough.

The new rack and pinion from Total Control had been acting up but I found on their site a FAQ and it led me to the adjustments I needed to make so now the steering is almost perfect. It does not return to center without a bit of help but that is adjustable also.

I had an idle problem that was twofold. When I pulled codes, it said my TPS was giving too low of a voltage signal. So I replaced that and the code was gone but my fast idle was still there. The solution was simple in that it did not involve the computer. It seems I just had the timing advanced too far so I knocked it back a few degrees and the idle fell to where it should be.

I should be getting some new rear quarter panels soon and so a new paint job should follow. I'll stay with the original Poppy Red though.

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