Sunday, August 5, 2012

Exhaust Modifications

This weekend was all about exhaust. I was not happy with the patch job I did to the Midas installed system, so I cut that out. On large bumps, the axle would contact the tail pipe on both sides because the dog leg that goes over the axle was not centered over the axle. I moved the muffler and tailpipe forward two inches to allow the axle to move without contact.

I also took the opportunity to install a pair of V-band clamps just ahead of the mufflers. This allows me to remove the mid-pipe with ease, and there are no leaks like I had before with the old-style clamps and sleeve.

I ordered a couple of 2.25 bends, and a cut-off blade for my mitre saw and went to work piecing together the mid-pipe. Welding is not like riding a bicycle from my point of view, since it is a skill that gets rusty quick. I took a few scraps of pipe and made some practice welds to get my MIG set right and to knock some of that rust off my skills. I use the word "skills" in a very loose manner here. :-)

In the process of reseting the muffler/tailpipes, I removed them from the car. I found a rather large leak at the top side of the pipes going into, and out of the mufflers. Seems Midas did all their welding with the mufflers on the car, and whatever they couldn't reach, they skipped welding that.

Once all of this was complete, I took the car for a test spin, and was happy with the new "leak free" exhaust note.

Next project is a Mustang Steve pedal bearing kit.

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