Sunday, April 1, 2012

More On Headlights

I had to redo my headlight wiring last week. Seems using the original headlight harness was not a good idea with modern lamps. I had a wire get hot and break.

That gave me the opportunity to replace more of the original harness. I moved my relays that control the headlights from under the dash to the radiator support so my wires that handle the high amp load will be a short as possible. The switch wires for the relays are now the longest wires in that circuit.

I've learned a lot wiring this car, so maybe one day when I have time and impetus, I'll remove all of the wiring and start over WITH a plan and diagram instead of "adding as I go".

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  1. I'm curious about your fan setup. Did you use the radiator out of the '95 or buy a 5.0 conversion radiaTor? Same for the fan. I have a daily driver '95 and a '65 coupe I've been working on since I was 13. thinking about sacrificing the '95 for the greater good of the '65's completion. The 200 (it was a V-8 car but the motor was long gone when I got to it) isn't cutting the mustard. Also, interested in more info on the fuel system. How much from the '95 did you use? Where did you get your fuel tank? Can a stock one be modified to accept a in-tank pump? Did you use the pump and such from the '95. Perhaps this would be easier if I gave you contact info. I'll need mad info on the wiring. I also may have an easier time since I don't plan to keep the A/C, I live in Colorado. Did you use the '95 heater setup or the '65s? Here goes,